I fit chrome chains as standard on the bottom stabilizer weights The chrome chains are much stronger and also look and hang better I can also do plastic bottom chains if a customer requests them.

The blinds have good quality bottom weights with a full eye for fixing the bottom chains. These are much better quality than some cheaper ones on the market that only have one upright peg which can quite often break off.

Vertical blinds come with a center, right and left parting options all with child safety fittings, which are also supplied with all my other blinds. Safety fittings are a legal requirement now. Verticals can also be supplied with wand controls for even more safety.


Cheaper blinds, verticals, in particular, do not always offer these options.

Headrails are available in Silver, White, Brass effect Gray and Brown. Control is by cord and chains to the side of your preference These are both screwed to the wall.


Click on Below Images for a larger view.

Green Verticals
Large doorway with Green verticals.
Patterned Verticals.
Bay window.
Vertical Blinds Fitted to lower windows.
Just fitted to lower part off window.
Solid Plastic Louvres Vertical Blinds.
Plastic louvres no bottom chains.
Conservatory Vertical Blinds.
Full conservatory verticals.
Chalet Vertical Blinds.
Holiday Chalet Verticals.
Vertical Blinds Left and Right Pleated P
Sloping verticals either side With perfect fit on the door.
Plastic Louvres.
Plastic Louvres great for kitchen.
School Classroom Vertical Blinds
Full wall off verticals in classroom.
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Patterned Verticals.

Bay window.